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The '''Workers Party of America''' was the name of the legal party organization used by the Communist Party USA from the last days of 1921 until the middle of 1929. As a legal political party the Workers Party accepted affiliation from independent socialist groups such as the African Blood Brotherhood, the Jewish Socialist Federation and the Workers' Council of the United States. In the meantime, the wikt:underground|underground Communist Party, with overlapping membership, conducted political agitation. By 1923, the aboveground party sought to engage the Socialist Party of America in united front actions, but was rebuffed. Both the Workers Party of America and the Socialist Party of America engaged in separate List of Labour Parties|labor party efforts, prior to the United States presidential election, 1924|Presidential election of 1924. The Socialist Party of America participated in the Conference for Progressive...
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CountryUnited States
PredecessorCommunist Party USA
SuccessorCommunist Party USA
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